Services provided:

Designated Services: (A typical project will follow these phases.)

A.) Pre-Design: Establish owner’s program, project scope, timeline and financial requirements.

B.) Site Analysis: Establish site-related limitations and requirements.

C.) Schematic Design: Conceptual design and set the style, scale and relationship of components within the program needs.

D.) Finalize Concpetual Master Plan: Meet to reivew and discuss

E.) Design Development: Refine the size and character of the project.

F.) Contract Documents / Drawings: Detail requirements for the work - typically through construction drawings.

G.) Negotiations and/or Bidding: Contracts awarded following proposals and/or bids.

H.) Contract Administration: Work performed by one or more contractors and managed by JPS.

Post-Contract: Assistance provided for the owner’s use and occupancy of the project.  Continue dialogue and interation through the years as the garden grows.